Strategies For Success When It Comes To Weight Loss

Change your Mindset

There is an endless amount of facts about weight loss, yet you need to grasp and focus on the basics.  Before you attempt to lose weight, take control of your lifestyle and correct your daily mindset ritual. Treat any failure as an unexpected outcome and generalise on positive outlook.

BE wise, keep going towards a victory with your goal on the mind.

Remind your body regularly that you are serious about the weight loss. Sleep at least 7-8 hours to benefit a new diet regime. How you treat yourself, can make the difference between gaining a few pounds and losing a great deal of weight.

Be consistent and persistent in your decision even if you cannot see any results. Identify subconscious blocks and destroy them before they ruin your dieting attempts. Furthermore, align mind body and spirit and stay in the space of Now. As we know, this is the only time when you can implement your diet. No, tomorrow will never work.

Additionally, make yourself believe that only healthy food created by Nature is the right choice to consume.  A planned diet and some exercise do not make much difference if you still keep junk food at home.

Turn to inner wisdom

weight-loss-common-healthy-foodEat dinner with a companion when you are trying to lose weight. If you have someone to talk to during the meal you will eat slowly and pause between bites. This extra time will give your brain chance to tell your stomach that it is getting full. Knowing when you feel satisfied will keep you from overeating.

An excellent way to speed up weight loss is a food diary. Write down everything you eat and drink for several days. Such information at a glance helps you to make wiser nutrition plans for next days. Also, you will more likely provide a greater variety of your healthy food range. In case you would gain some weight, you will see where your extra calories are. Then you can decide what you need to eliminate or change to reduce your caloric intake and improve your diet.

Some Fats are great friends

Fat is right for you and is the core ingredient of healthy food diet; your body needs fat to burn fat.  It’s just a case of choosing the ‘good’ fat. The best is medium chain coconut oil although it is saturated, olive oil is monounsaturated. Avoid polyunsaturated vegetable fats rich in Omega 6 fatty acid, which have an inflammatory effect on the body. Very healthy fats you will find in avocado, nuts, tuna, salmon, herring, peanut butter, almonds. Though latest discoveries say, that most beneficial fat of all is Omega 7 found in anchovies. However do not overeat – be careful of “old people smell” as the side effect.

Remember if you are counting calories, to make sure you count the calories in beverages as well as in food. Drinking sodas or beers each day can increase the number of calories over the course of a week. There are many hidden issues to blame for the lack of weight loss in some people.

I will emphasise, as stated in the first sentence, that few people even realise the basic premise of weight-loss. False mindset can discourage many of them that diets are a failure from the very beginning. The body may need more time to begin a noticeable weight loss, but later the progress can cascade.

Watch what you take

A great way to help increase weight loss is to start using a sweetener instead of sugar. Switch to xylitol which has medicinal properties, has fewer calories and lower glycemic index. Watch also ingredients in drinks, jams –  loaded with syrup in general, which converts instantly into fatty tissue. Moreover, by overeating sugar, you can sabotage any diet. Therefore use another natural sweetener like stevia, little honey.  Thus you can still enjoy sweet food without damaging your diet. A small change like this can be very significant.

weight loss heatly food waterIf you want to lose weight, try drinking water or herbal tea anytime you’re thirsty, rather than other types of drink. Water will help speed-up your metabolism, as well as purify any toxins in your system. There also aren’t any calories in water, so it helps your body with the weight loss program. Drinking sodas or sugary juices just add more calories to your daily intake. Also, try to drink water first whenever you feel hungry. Our body very often sends the signal of hunger if in reality needs more water. Add to water few slices of lemon. Not only will it alkalise your organism, more than often lemon water may suppress the desire for eating.

Carbs or no carbs?

One of the innovative measures that you can apply to your meals is eliminating carbs from your lunch and dinner. Have a full breakfast containing proteins, fat, carbs and fruits which takes you through the day, like traditional English Breakfast. And then proteins, fats, vegs for lunch and dinner. We need proteins and fats to build and sustain our body. Carbs provide instant fuel, which we don’t need much in a sedentary lifestyle. Give yourself for dinner a lot of cooked and raw and fermented vegs with calories free sauce. Accompany this abundant plate with a generous piece of lean meat found in turkey breast. There, your body will discover tryptophan – enough to calm you down and induce a good sleep for the whole night.

Keep in touch; I will provide many recipes including healthy food only, friendly to the weight loss goal.

Learn to resign

Fasting is very beneficial for weight loss, also take advantage of intermediate one. The latter means that you eat meals during a short period and then make a long break between meals. In such period the body looks for rescue and breaks down stored fat for fuel.

Be very wary of any supplements that claim to help the weight loss. Often if you try to take the easy way out, it will only hurt you in the long run. Plus, most of them wouldn’t get approvement from Food and Drug Administration. Let your body be the best judge. It is a universal truth that what’s perfect for others may not be suitable for you. Find out such a healthy food which is for you easy to digest and can quickly pass your digestive track. It will also prevent reabsorption of toxins, bloating, and breading of toxic bacteria, and weight loss in consequence.

How long does it take from the plate to the toilet?  Such an answer can deliver coloured food, beetroot, for example. By the way, watch for the colour of urine. If changed, this is the symptom of leaky guts. And then, from inflamed walls of intestines, any waste can permeate and inflame your whole body. Also the brain, as many tiny particles can cross the blood-brain barrier. This problem can be the answer to – “Where these pains and aches are coming from”? I will write soon how to heal such condition, so important to end up it ASAP. Very beneficial to take MSM for hidden inflammation, or wait for the full explanation.

Every little help

Let yourself be fidgety! Being a restless person rather than a sitting sturdy can be a good thing when it comes to weight loss. Studies have shown that people who fidget while they sit are burning more calories than those who do not. Try moving around as much as possible whenever you are engaged in a sedentary job. If only to help lymphatic system to do its job better.

Persistence is the golden key to every task. Once your subconscious has realised how determined your decision is, you will see the quick results. Listen to your body’s signals – stop eating if you notice the sign of satiety. Your body will be happier than you to turn back to endless eating. I learned it from experience.

What you’ve learned in this article can change your mindset and your image. Also, you will ultimately improve your life after successful weight loss.

Download free Drop fat with me.pdf for more advice.

Drop fat with me

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