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Why I consider myself an expert on Weight Loss?   

My weight loss is a side effect of my struggle for energy; I was too weak to exist. It was my pattern for the whole life combined with a responsible role in the society; I had to interact with a very high profile people. It was such a fear and effort not to look or sound bad.

Furthermore, I was not aware for over ten years in the UK, that I’ve had a swollen air passage due to an allergy to germs, mould, fungus abundant in damp air; it is easier now in last eight years.

During last few years I kept losing my memory.  Only a few months ago a revelation fell on me – and indeed, the Lyme’s disease was diagnosed and treated. Dying bacteria releases toxins – sometimes I couldn’t find a way back home from well-known places. (Be aware of ticks, they are everywhere nowadays – a bite from an infected tick is enough to get Lyme’s.)

Probably I had that Lime’s condition during my whole life – in childhood, I spent a lot of time in forests. I used to justify my weak, aching muscles, bones, and joints as a result of forced activity while the body lacks energy (over 30 years of undiscovered lumps on thyroid glands simultaneously with carbon monoxide at home for 20 years).

Superfood and Supplements – the key to wellbeing

Healthy food, health issues had to become my favourite topics; I kept making errors along the way of scientific misleading articles. However, my specific demands forced me to develop that particular awareness what brings real effect, to discover some supplements, which can help within hours or even minutes.

For 20 years, I worked as a Professional Practitioner in Complementary Medicine; I had the opportunity to watch people’s living style and transformation.

Thanks to super-food, supplements, purification, detoxification, I have managed to cope with my duties; so weak myself but able to uplift others stronger.  As a natural Healer, my energy was flowing to anybody weaker – I never remembered to put on protection.

I intended to share this knowledge with you how to become a superhuman, to keep brain highly alert – as I managed to flow through life at 15% of my potential. But currently, the success in weight loss seems to be more important to escalate.

Thus implement some advice from my PDF “Drop fat with me” in your daily life – you need some time to prepare yourself and develop the power of breathing for further steps and results.

My 1st weight loss happened within a few months – as a decision of wiser attitude to eating habits.

The same 2nd drop happened within 2-3 weeks, started from last Xmas. But I do not get excited; the time doesn’t matter.  I only took pictures twice until now, early April. My lowest recorded weight was 62.5 kg when I look almost skinny in the picture against the wardrobe or front door. There was still a thick layer of fat to get rid off.  Probably I did not have muscles at all!

My weight has also been up and down circa 1-2kg but the trend is DOWN. Now, I am applying diet to increase muscle mass – muscles will burn fat further. Although it may increase weight as muscles are much heavier – I should look slimmer.

Always remember:

Applied Knowledge & Persistence is the key to success – weight loss can’t be exempt.

Can you lose weight by hugging yourself?

The GOAL – not to overeat – must become like a lighting ball in your Mindset, or so obvious that hardly noticeable in your consciousness.

You’ve accepted that constant dieting only results in more weight. You will start losing weight for good from the moment when you will have known that recess in weight gain is to gain new momentum.  Thus  Breathe, Drink, Detoxify, Purify, Eat into the Light – then you will feel the joy and willingness to move and exercise.  For a start practise tension-relaxation state as if hugging yourself. It will increase the metabolic rate and physical/psychological strength.

In the 1st picture, I am overjoyed that my lovely silver dress size 6 fits my daughter – I already gained fat after switching to high-carb diet.

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Getting ready for Healing on the stage during International Festival in London.

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Healing – channelling the energy of Love and Peace (Mrs J Love and Mrs B Peace, both separately,  discovered a natural Healer in me. Later, few passers-by told me the same on streets of London.

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During Mind-Body-Spirit, with Narendra Mehta – the funder of Indian Head Massage; he raises awareness of the healing power of touch.

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I became a Teacher on Angels, Ascension with Diana Cooper School. I am performing as an Angel during International Festival Body-Mind-Spirit.

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Receiving an Angelic message from Diana Cooper about my role in the world

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Godspower – a PhD student from London Imperial College contacted me within an hour of praying to God to give me strength. That evidence convinced me to look hard for the solution in reality. In 2 months I felt the strongest in my life – but only for a few months.

My ups and downs over the years:

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The plant named God’s tree, Money tree, Luck tree is in blossom. In this pot started to grow a 3-hearted plant which became my Logo. “The 3-hearted leaf plant is yours” – something like that I heard from God – did not take it seriously, until after few weeks I noticed it while washing the window.  Look at the leaf and hear the words as if said to you – absorb the energy.